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Created on Jan 25, 2024

In Payroll Register Report, Allow Conditioning to Isolate Specific Fringes

  1. In Payroll Register Report, it would be very handy if one the Fringe ID Condition were available so that one could get employee date range totals for specific fringes.

  2. I understand that there's an Employee Fringe Totals report, however, there's no date range available for that report.

  3. I understand that under Payroll/Reconciliation/Fringes by Credit Account has a date range, however it reports by batch rather than by employee. One could run the report separately for each employee, but that turns in to a lot of work if one has more than a couple of employees.

Warmest regards,

Everyone's favorite GC,

Charlie Menghetti

Menghetti Construction, Inc.

Modesto, California

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  • Admin
    Cyndee Schwartz
    Feb 8, 2024

    Hi Charlie!

    You might have posted this suggestion under the wrong product. Sage BusinessWorks does not have Fringe reporting in our Payroll module.