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Created by Dan Mihacevich
Created on Jul 17, 2023

More database flexibility & more customizable fields

Unlock the database to allow more imports, edits and custom fields. It would be great to make updates in MS Access or similar programs via ODBC.

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  • Dan Mihacevich
    Jul 20, 2023

    Hi Kim, Thanks for asking.

    If I had my wish there would be customizable fields everywhere and the
    database would be unlocked for editing. I want to add custom fields to any

    Some simple examples that could help immediately:
    AP Invoices - Reference holds only 20 characters to describe a credit
    memo. Need more details or a larger field.
    AP Credit Memo - Credit Reference holds only 20 characters to describe a
    credit memo. Need details or a larger field.
    Maintain parts - Categories data fields are too small to hold any
    meaningful data.
    Same with the Vendor - Mfg Part# field.
    Would be very useful to have internal note fields for all transactions like
    Maintain Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices
    Would be useful to know "who entered a sales order" or add a user name
    field in Maintain Sales Orders.

    I'd be happy to discuss this further. I've been using SageBW for 20+ years
    and know it really well. I also have written a few of my own
    customizations using BWAccess.


    Dan Mihacevich
    M-Line Inc.
    Learn More About M-Line

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  • Victor Tkaczuk
    Jul 20, 2023

    Regarding Imports, in the AR> Transfers> Import Invoices screen, is it possible to allow you to import an Invoice with multiple Sales Accounts and Amounts? Same goes for AP Invoices.

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  • Guest
    Jul 20, 2023

    IDK about Dan, but I'd like....

    Maintain Parts main:
    Ship Weight
    Unit cost

    Maintain Parts Vendor:
    Best Cost
    Last Cost

    The above NEED TO BE IMPORTABLE fields. I waste more time keying info into these fields every year, and every time a manufacturer changes their data.

    Maintain Parts Category: needs to be able to house more custom category information

  • Admin
    Kim Crabtree
    Jul 20, 2023

    Hi Dan, thank you for this suggestion. Can you please clarify where you would like to see additional imports available as well as where you would like to see more custom fields available?

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