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Created by Kim Crabtree
Created on Jul 17, 2023

Add a payment method in AR called EFT

Many of our payments are deposited directly to our bank account. I have been using the “cash” option, but it would be better if I had an option that would allow me to void the receipt if I make a mistake on the date or amount.

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    Jul 21, 2023

    I post the ACH deposits as a "Check" and use the date as check number and put ACH or EFT in the reference notes. This way, we can void the transaction and can see the ACH note on the deposit report. ..just a suggestion..

  • Sue Newman
    Jul 18, 2023

    When I am posting EFT/ACH I do not have access to the Bank's reference number that they have assigned for that particular EFT/ACH. If the payment method EFT/ACH is added, it would also be helpful for Businessworks to give you the option to enter your own reference number or have a box you can check for "Next" and have Businessworks assign a reference number for you in some kind of numerical sequence. This number could then be used to void the deposit if needed.

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