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Categories Payroll suggestions
Created by Coleen Graber
Created on Aug 3, 2023

add message when saving Standard time cards

While in the PR, Processing, Standard Time card entry screen , add a message when using the Standard Time Card entry, when you hit Save. When you hit the Save add: “This is a Standard Time card entry. By saving this template, this information will be used for current calculation as well as any future time cards. If you do not want to save this as a Standard Time Card, go to PR, Processing, Enter Time Cards to enter individual time cards. Do you wish to Save this Standard Time Card?”.

By adding a message when you hit save, this will let the user know they are in Standard Time card Entry

ALSO, add something on the screen to make it appear different from the Time Card entry screen. Like “*** Standard Time Card Entry***’ next to the blank space left of SAVE button OR some type of color change on the screen to note that it is different from the Time Card Entry screen.

Business Reason:

Employees go into Standard Time Card Entry in error thinking it is the regular time card entry screen. The 2 screen are identical, so it is easy to mistake. This creates a template and when someone processes time cards the next time, they are confused why they are getting a message regarding a Standard Time card.

This is common when the payroll employee is on vacation and another employee is filling in for the week.

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