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Status Great Idea Currently In The Works
Created by Kim Crabtree
Created on Jul 17, 2023

Set a default subject line and allow the use of signatures in emails

It would be nice if we could set our own subject lines for emails sent from the electronic forms manager. It would be nice if we can set a default value and have all emails use that as well as a default signature.

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    Aug 1, 2023

    If your emailing an Invoice, it would be nice if the subject line could automatically say My Bike Company Invoice 123456. or purchase orders emailing to the vendor would automatically say My Bike Company PO 56789. this would be great since we have to rename every single email BW generates. The subject "OE Invoices" is not very professional to send to a customer that way...nor is that very searchable in email programs. I rename every email so I can easily search for when I sent a specific invoice to a customer.